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Leading the way in building and civil construction for over 10 years

AGT LLC has been founded in 2006 in Baku by a group of highly qualifıed engineers, to serve the expanding demands of Azerbaijan construction market. based on their good engineering education and many years of experience in international projects, AGT has achıeved a significant growth parallel with the developing Azerbaijan economy. AGT LLC is providing management and construction services in Azerbaijan construction market, especially for infrastructure projects, such as road, bridges and airports.

Starting wıth management and construction services, activitıes of AGT have expanded in different areas in cooperation with experienced groups and engineers.

A-trading, which is the legal dealer of komatsu construction equıpment and index generators, has been established to serve the increasing necessities of Azerbaijan construction equipment market.

Zetas - AGT has been established, together with one of the leading Turkish foundation engineering companıes, to become a reliable partner in the market, solving foundation problems.

AGT - sewat has been established to serve ın sewage and water pıpeline projects ın Azerbaijan.

AGT - structure has been established to give turn-key base services in residence, hotel and office buildings.

After proving his capabilities in Azerbaijan construction market, AGT LLC has decided to expand his activities abroad, especially in Turkey, East Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

AGT has become 50% partner of ATI energy in 2009, which has completed a hydro power plant with a capacity of 19 MW in Turkey and commenced to producing electricity.

AGT Ogranak, the branch of AGT LLC in Serbia, has been established and performing in the Serbian construction market, since 2012.

AGT LLC has also been registered in Kuwait and Qatar for business opportunities in gulf region.

AGT aims to carry its dynamism to the future in the international construction market with the help of its professional management team and with the principle of “trust” and “quality”.